Tuesday, February 5, 2013

supplemet to Power wagons RBBB 109, 110, 111, 112

  1. with the interst in the RBBB power wagons    here are a few details  that one could add to your wagons 
 these are the plug in panels on RBBB generator wagons 109, 110. 111, 112
 these are the electical controll pannels inside wagon 111  the right hand picture with the doors in in the front of the wagon   the  controll boards  are behind the generators   facing the the front of the wagon  the space between the two  was a walk thru  

this is the controll pannel inside of RBBB 112  the right hand picture  again is in the front of the wagon facing the back   and the controll pannels  are set infront of the generators  facing the front of the wagon   and again the space between the two is a walk thru

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