Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Notes on the RBBB Electrical Generator wagons:
Wagons No 109-110- 111- 112 
Wagon # 109 Carried Two cummins Diesels
Wagon # 110-111 carried  GM Diesels  and had the controll panels in the  head end of the wagons
These two wagons were cross-wired  so that all output for the Big Top came out of Wagon 112
Only three generators were used at one time with the fourth as a standby.,  These could be reotated at the main control panel in wagon 112   Each Generator produced a three-phase circurtery as shown on the switch controll in back of each generator  
Fule tanks for the G. M's  (Wagons 110- 111-112 were located int the frame  under the wagon
(notes from the Lucky Allen Collection)

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