Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Circus parade set up

Each of the Red boxes hold the entire display and each Red box becomes a 12 ft table
each box is 4ft long and 30 inches wide with a 4 ft wing on each end
giving us 36 ft of table display each box is 4 ft high these were built about 30 years ago and other than having to touch up the paint job on them they have held up very well
and has made moving the display very easy

another note on each of the stantions we put a plackard discribing the display and also one tells of what products we used to create it the plackards are held by drilling a hole in the end of the stantion putting in a piece of copper pipe with a fourty five degree angle in it and attaching a 8x10 piece of plywood with a acrllic protecter on the face

Saturday, June 6, 2009

An added note there are two great well stocked Hobby stores in the St Paul area.
and lots of train watching as the Burlington Santa Fe Main line runs right behind the building