Sunday, November 23, 2008

If I remember right this was the front gear on the stake driver taken at CWM a few years ago

Friday, November 21, 2008

my Great Circus parade wagons and train

this is a picture of my HO models of most of the wagons that have been used on the Great circus parade

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lucky Allen notes on wardrobe dept Electrical dept

with this blog will try to relay some of the information out of the Lucky Allen Collection with bits of information that I have found in his files :
Notes of Various RBBB circus wagons of the late 1940-1950 era

Wagons No 141-142-143 145 and 146 (special wardrobe equipment & trunk wagons) all of these wagons were bacically the same they were former radar wgons RBBB bought from war surplus (WW2)
The interior in #146 was plain ... no cabinets etc. wall on the inside were smooth .. no interior ribbing. Interior color on all wardrobe wagons was gray. Some of the Spec Equip. wagons may have been (iron oxide) rust color primer.

Nos 143-145 and 146 have no windows on the sides No.s 141- 143 have a small window on each side. #145 has a ladder & a piece of vertical channel on the front. The rest of these wagons had ladders removed before the show closed in 1956 .

Wagons No 109- 110 111 & 112 (Electrical Generator wagons) Wagon #109 carried two cumming diesels...Wagons 110-111 & 112 carried GM Diesels. #111 & 112 had the control panels in teh head end of the wagon. These two wagons wer cross-wired (#111-112)so that all output for the big top came out of wagon #112. Only three generators were used at a time witht he fourth as a standby These could be rotated at the main control panel in wagon #112... each generator produced a three-phase cirrcuitry as shown on the swith control in the back of each generator. Fuel tanks for the GMs (#110-111-112) were located in the frame under the engines, while the cummins #109 feed off a tank in the head end of teh wagon (#109)

Wagon #105 "locked in " with the Genereator wagons