Sunday, January 4, 2009

some HO RBBB equipment (Gas Cut)

Picture 1 station wagon (mini tanks) dump jeep (army minature) train light plant (Simmons)
donut (converted matchbox) wagon (kit bashed minitank) wagon (Circus train Minature)
Stake puller cat ( converte matchbox) circus wagon (circus train Minature)
Picture 2 Jeep (minitanks) scratch built big top pole wagon , Cat (Walters) Water truck
(kit batched Jordan) Cat on dolly (cat is matchbox dollie is kit batched) Truck side poles and canvas( Minitanks kit batched) Cat Canvas hoist (kit batched Matchbox) 4 wheel pull up tractor
(Viking )
Picture 3 Big top Canvas (kit batched minitanks) Cat with crane ( matchbox kitbatched)
canvas cat (unknown kit batched) Big top Canvas truck (kit batched Minitanks)
Wagon (scratch)

2 new wagons

newly painted 5 Graces New Swan Band wagon from a kit (Sparkling Star) and the last one is a scratch built using some jewelry finding these are all HO wagons

was a good day to stay in side and put some time in the wagon shop