Monday, December 5, 2011

Road boxes and tables

these sketchs for a request I have had about the  transportation of my show
I have built three that give me 36 feet of table space  that can be used in
four foot increments   I can fit 3 of these in  full size van  or could fit 4 in a 10 ft trailer
The first box was built about 30 years ago  and they only repare was putting the stronger
 base under it the first one had 2x4 all around  now there are 2x6 on each end and  the
2x4 on the sides  they were built to go thru a standard commercial door   so your outside demention
should not exceed that and I allow a 1/2 inch for added clearance 
a added note the tables are about 4 ft high so a bit high for little kids but it adds a bit
more security from little hands 
I have also hinged the top of the boxes for easier loading and unloading  and use a wooden
brace to hold the top open in the load in or load out operations 

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